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Should You Wait Until the Holidays are Over to Sell?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Wondering if you should wait until the holidays are over to sell? Here’s the pro/con list you didn’t know you needed to help you decide:⁣

Pros of selling during the holidays⁣

Less competition⁣

Serious buyers⁣

People relocating⁣

Quicker process⁣

Home is SO warm and cozy⁣

Cons of selling during the holidays⁣

Closing before end of year can be a challenge⁣

Holiday travels or guests complicate showings⁣

Harder to keep home show-ready (especially with kids out of school!)⁣

Staging and holiday decor don’t mix well⁣

Days on market ticks upward⁣

Sure, there are pros and cons, but selling during the holidays shouldn't scare anyone. In fact, if you play your cards right, it might even be the best time to get your home sold. Wanna discuss it more? DM me and I'll be in touch.


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